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Technical inspections

According to the regulations (Journal of Laws No. 191 item 1596 and from 2003 No. 178, item 1745), storage racks are subject to periodic inspections carried out by qualified persons, at least once a year (PN-EN 15635), if necessary the review can be performed more often. During the expert control, we check the general technical condition of the shelves, evaluation of the stability of the structure and security, among others checking the completeness of the assembly elements. After completion, we will prepare a report containing recommendations as to the further use of shelves as well as develop a schedule and scope of reviews.

technical review of shelves
sale of storage racks

Sales of shelves

We also sell storage racks. We offer, among others:

  • pallet storage shelves,
  • shelving storage shelves,
  • warehouse platforms,
  • storage mezzanines

181/5000 We also buy used shelves. If you have shelves and plan to replace them, we offer cooperation in this area. We will comprehensively dismantle old shelves and assemble new ones.

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Shelving service

Thanks to many years of experience, we can provide service and all kinds of repairs at the highest level. We work on customer's spare parts or we supply the required components upon request.

technical review of shelves
Assembly and disassembly

By using our comprehensive services, you can save time and money. Our specialization is the assembly of high storage racks and the dismantling of storage racks.

Security training

We will train your employees to ensure maximum work safety in the warehouse. We will share our knowledge and experience willingly.

legal bases shelves

Law basics

Legal provisions that can be invoked at the stage of ensuring safety resulting from the technical condition of the shelves.

Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy

Rozporządzenie Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997 on general health and safety at work regulations (ie, Journal of Laws of 2003 No. 169, item 1650, as amended), including:

  • § 15 section 1. Work rooms and their equipment should provide employees with safe and hygienic working conditions,
  • § 39. concerning risk assessment (also related to work in the warehouse),
  • § 40 sec. 1. The employer is obliged to ensure systematic inspections of the health and safety at work, with particular emphasis on the organization of work processes, technical condition of machines and other technical devices, and determine ways of registering irregularities and methods of their removal.
  • Chapter 4. Internal transport and storage, in particular § 69 section 1. The shelves should have a sufficiently strong and stable structure and protection against tipping over.

Labor Code

  • Art. 207. obliging the employer to protect the health and life of employees by providing safe and healthy working conditions with appropriate use of the achievements of science and technology,
  • 243/5000 Art. .215. obliging the employer to ensure that the machines and other technical devices used provide safe and hygienic working conditions, in particular, protect the employee from injuries (...) and take into account the principles of ergonomics.

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